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By The Creek Newfoundland Kennel

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May 2007

Willow had her puppies on May 24th, she had 13!! Mom is doing really well, just starting to eat a bit. She is pretty tired, as it took 18 hours, but she was able to nap inbetween puppies. She had 2 gray puppies, 1 male and 1 female and the rest are black. There are a couple of puppies available.

Maizie will go in for her ultrasound early next week, to confirm pregnancy. From all outward signs, I would say that she is pregnant.


Winter/Spring 2007

I repeated the breeding of Gracie and Teddy, as they had such nice puppies last year and Gracie produced another very nice litter of 6 boys and 4 girls in early February. They have since all gone to their new homes and from all reports coming in, they are doing just great!

We lost Sally in early March from kidney failure. She is very much missed around here, as she had made it her job to formally welcome everyone that came here for a visit, not to mention that she warmed the bed for me every night. ;-)

Willow has been bred with Teddy and she should have her puppies around the last week of May. We may have some gray puppies again.

We have a new addition to the family, "Charlie", his official name will be Brenrich Charges BytheCreek. He has come from Brenrich Newfoundlands, in Texas. I will get his picture posted as soon as he sits still long enough for me to take one.

Took a quick trip to Seabrook Newfoundlands, where Maizie was bred with "Christopher", Ch. Sunvalley Petitions Pouch Cove. Maizie is due around July 1st.


Winter/Spring 2006

Maizie and Gracie were both bred with Teddy late December. They both had 10 beautiful puppies each in February and March respectively. All puppies cleared their health exams at 8 weeks and were off to their new homes in April and May.

Teddy started in the show ring this past June and he is half way to his championship. Should be no problem finishing him, he is quite the good looking boy!!

At our June dog show, we had an eye clinic and I am happy to report that "all" my dogs, Maizie, Gracie, Teddy, Bosley, Sally, Willow (co-own) and Annie passed their CERF exam. Certificate numbers should be along shortly and will be posted.

Willow is finally coming into season and will be bred with Bosley. Puppies will arrive early to mid October. Anyone wishing information on this litter, please call or email.


October 2005

October 8-9th - Maizie finished her Championship in Trout Creek this weekend, taking 3 Best of Breeds! Way to go Maizie!!


September 2005

September 21st - It's official!! Maizie received her OVC Hip and Elbow Certificate today from Guelph. She will be in season in December and will have her first litter of puppies in February.

September 15th - Gracie finished her championship today in Sudbury!! Now off to the maternity ward when she comes into season again probably in December or January. Maizie got another 2 points toward her championship.

September 6th - Maizie went in for her OVC hip and elbow certification today and all looks great!! So, she will have all her health clearances, OVC hips and elbows, OFA heart, OFA Thyroid, Cystinuria Clear/Normal.


August 2005

August 5th - All puppies are growing very quickly. Willow is being a great mom!!

Here are a couple of shots of the puppies just a few days old.


July 2005

July 29th - Willow had her puppies today!! 9 altogether, 5 girls and 4 boys, 2 of the girls are grey and 1 boy. Momma and babes are all doing well.

July 27th - Bosley's certificates arrived from OVC. He now has all his health clearances, hip/elbow/thyroid/cystinuria/heart.

July 18th - Bosley went for his hip and elbow certification through OVC today and both look really nice, we will know in a few days.


June 2005

Well, June came and went very quickly with lots of happenings:

- Maizey and Bosley both received their OFA Heart and Thyroid certification.

- Gracie is only 1 point away from finishing her championship and we are hoping to get her finished before she makes a pit stop in the maternity ward, as she is due into season just about anytime.

- Maizie received her first 2 points towards her championship.

- Willow has been ultrasounded to confirm her pregnancy and her first due date is July 26th.


May 2005

May 28th - The Newfoundland Speciality held in Gananoque, Ontario was a huge success! Jim Bricknell the Show Chairman did a fantastic job!! Ch. Littlecreeks Bayside Samantha won the Brood Bitch catagory along with her get, Ozzie and Maizy. It was very exciting!! I will post pictures as soon as they as available.

May 21-22-23 - Another great show put on by the Sault Ste. Marie Kennel Club. Gracie took 3 points toward her championship and Maizy got a few Reserve Winners. A good time was had by all.

May 16th - It's offical, Teddy has his OVC certificate for hips and elbows and also he and Whisper received their OFA certificate for clear Thyroid.

May 6th - Unfortunately, Sally will not be staying at BytheCreek. She will be off to join her new family this summer when they are going to make the trek from Manitoba in late June, early July to pick her up. It is beautiful up here in the summer, so they are going to make a mini vacation out of it.

May 5th - Daisey is reco-operating at my house while her owners are at a conference. Considering she is 11 years old this year, she is doing remarkably well, already eating and drinking lots of water. She is alittle trooper, lets keep our fingers crossed that she recovers enough to give Susan & Harry more time to enjoy all her silly antics!

May 4th - Also today, on a happy note, Teddy had his hips and elbows x-rayed for OVC today. Looks just great, will wait for his certificate!!

May 4th - Grandma Daisey had bladder surgery today to remove a very large growth at the neck of her bladder that was not allowing her to urinate. She has come through the surgery just fine, and is resting at the vet clinic. Daisey is mom to BytheCreeks Lady on the Loose, "Lucy", who now lives in Newfoundland and BytheCreeks One 'n Only, "Marji", who lives here with me.

May 1st - Well, all the puppies have left for thier new homes now, and boy oh boy, is it quiet around here! Won't be long though before a new litter will be here to fill the void.


April 2005

April 19th - Teddy & Whisper passed their OFA Cardiac today. And we also pulled blood for the Thyroid panel.

April 15th - Well the time has come for the puppies to start and join their own families. The two that left today were little troopers only crying a bit on their ride to the airport. Both boys arrived safe and sound and ready to start their new life, one in Calgary and one in Toronto.

April 9th - The vet came to my home and gave all the puppies their vaccinations and their microchips. They are all so close in size to one another, being only about a 1/2 pound difference.

April 6th - Gracie and Sally passed their OFA Cardiac tests today!! Also pulled blood for their OFA Thyroid and we don't expect them not to pass as they are both happy and healthy girls.


March 2005

March 11th - We are planning our next litter. Carter will be coming home from Newfoundland, where he already has sired two litters. Carter will sire my next litter with Whisper. She will be bred mid May. If you would like information on this litter, please feel free to email or call.


February 2005

February 16th - Marji finally had her puppies. One managed to make it into the world himself, but the rest arrived in a flurry of activity by C-Section. Mom and babies all doing well. We have 10 beautiful babies, 4 boys and 6 girls. Pictures will be posted under the puppy section soon.

February 7th - It's official!! Gracie's hip and elbow certificate arrived today from OVC!! She passed with flying colours!!


January 2005

January 20th - Marji has gone for her ultrasound and she is very pregnant! The vet figures at least 8 or 9 puppies!!

January 18th - Another of Carter's daughters, Sydney, has been enrolled in the St. John's Ambulance Course. By Spring, she will out visiting the many elderly that look forward to having dogs come for a visit.

January 15th - Lucy has been leased by Trails End Newfoundlands in Newfoundland and is being bred to Carter. Her puppies are due mid March, 2005.


December 2004

December 23rd - Carter left for Newfoundland, where he has been leased for a couple of litters. Will post pictures when available.

December 15th - Marji has been bred to Carter and her puppies are due mid February. Please call or email for more information.

December 13th - It is with a sad heart that I have had to spay Gwen. She had such potential in the whelping box and is everything a newfie should be. I am sure that she would have made a great mom. When she has recovered from surgery, she will go and live with the White family, who have a Lucy son. I warned them that you just can't have one newfie!! Gwen will be missed, but I know that Dave and his family will spoil Gwen and I hear Murphy can't wait for a big sister!!


November 2004

November/04 - Gwen has gone for her ultrasound and pregnancy test and she is pregnant!! At long last, for everyone that was waiting for her puppies, she will whlep on or around December 8th.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

January 2004 - Gwen unfortunately did not have any puppies this time. We will try again in a few months.


February 18th, 2004 - Lucy had her puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls, all doing well


June 14th, 2003 **We are pleased to announce that Gwen passed her final health clearance, CERF in Sudbury, so Gwen now has OVC hips/elbows, heart clear, CERF, & cystinuria normal**


**We are very pleased to announce that Gwen is now known as "Ch. Diamonddogs BytheCreek's Gwen". At the New Liskeard show, August 12th, 13th, 14th, 2003, she took Best of Breed at all 5 shows finishing off her championship! Beautifully handled by Peter Scott**

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